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Christmas Journey 2016

Nativity Scene

The Christmas Journey’s aim is that every child not only hears the Christmas story but also begins to understand some of the significance it has for Christians today.

To fulfil this aim the children will bring their Christmas Journey passports, (which Bridge Builders will provide in advance) and the Christmas Journey Team will take them back in time to meet the main characters of the first Christmas story.

In small groups the children will hear the story from each character’s perspective and then ask them questions.

They will then complete a craft activity which will be attached to their passport.  The children will be able to take these passports home as a reminder of the Christmas Journey Story.
To conclude the Christmas Journey experience the groups will come together to visit the lodgings of Mary, Joseph and their new baby, where a lively Christmas song will be sung before they make their way out through passport control and back to school.

National Curriculum Links to the HERTS RE Syllabus

Year 2 – Why do people give gifts at Christmas?
AT1 1:8 – about a variety of ways of celebrating special occasions within faith communities, the meaning behind the celebration/s and the importance for those participating 
AT2 1:13 – about how and why religious people show care and concern for humanity

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Annual Reports

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